Folk.com is a collective of artists, technologists, businesspeople and benefactors who have come together to help promote creative, independent voices.

We believe there’s a tremendous amount of talent out there that has “fallen between the cracks” of traditional society and culture. And we want to use our collective resources to bring this talent to more people.

Voices of hope. Voices of protest. Voices of understanding.

Visions of wonder. Visions of creativity. Visions of progress.

Through the FOLK.COM collective, we use our resources to showcase artists and messages that may not typically be heard in mainstream media, and don’t always follow a narrative conducive to the mainstream consumption model.

There are a lot of historically important artists that probably could not get airplay today. We want to produce an “anti-channel” of vibrant, important music, arts and educational programs that remind us what it is to be human, to wonder, to hope and to dream of a tomorrow being an even better day.

Our collective is supported by a variety of individuals, companies and institutions. We also work with other like-minded organizations, helping give people who have something insightful to say, a larger platform.